3 simple steps to connect with someone you've liked offline with token


Give the token to the one you've liked but you don't know how to start a conversation.


If the sympathy is mutual, you'll get the contact of the person from WithYou service

Token will help to connect with anyone whom you like in any surroundings


While many are in the apps
you can get new connections during a walk in a park or during the tube commute with the help of the tokens

WithYou is a sincere attempt to solve the Social Anxiety problem by providing a simple tool - Token - which would help you to interact safely with new people avoiding the fear of rejection and potential uncomfortable social consequences such as negative judgement or evaluation by other people.

Read full With You Social Manifesto
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Token looks friendly and has a secrecy flavor - you would like to play with it once it's in your hands

And yes, we have a full collection of them

P.S. Research shows that the most popular ones are with wine image and the ones in black and white

Bonus One

We've created WithYou tokens, looking at the introverting type of character which is why we've tried to make everything intuitive and playful

Bonus One

We're an international company and are proud that our first production is based in Moscow, Russia


We ship in Moscow same or next day.

We ship internationally to any point of the planet

Would you like to become WithYou Partner and open production and shipping in your city?