With You Social Manifesto

Getting serious about why we do this?

World is becoming populated by lonely people and a reason for that is simple - it is social anxiety.

People get together with too much expectations and are scared to get apart without ending their life alone.

Social Networks are connecting people in some ways primarily driven by common interests but that leads to hardening the boarders between the common interests domains and finally to more fundamental separation.

WithYou is a sincere attempt to solve the Social Anxiety problem by providing a simple tool - Token - which would help you to interact safely with new people avoiding the fear of rejection and potential uncomfortable social consequences such as negative judgement or evaluation by other people.

Ask yourself how many times have you seen somebody in real world whom you’ve wanted to make friends with or build a relationship but were scared or nervous about how to start the conversation or if the situation is appropriate.

We resolve the issue of making a first contact by providing a simple solution - WithYouToken - which you can use as an interim workaround to connect with people while developing the skills of establishing healthy connections.

Simply link the token to your profile and pass it to the person you like. In case he or she would be eager to accept linking with you, you would receive the contact number of that person. In case not, the person would be able to use this token on his/her own discretion reassigning it.

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